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Yahoo! Chat with JC ~ 11.19.98

ChatYahoo_Lisa: JC is here!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome JC
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just wanna say whats up and it's good to be connected.

Claudette420 asks: How do you guys like your tour? Are you guys excited about your upcoming tour in Ca?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're actually more excited because in CA we broke a record for selling out the Forum faster than anybody else.

Sarah_Mac_Neil asks: Is it true that when you guys were in Toronto for the first time you all got tattoos? If yes what are they of?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's not true. I'm terrified of needles.

HIGH_5ive asks: What music groups do you like past and present?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Depends on my mood: I like a lot of music.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: What were you listening to today?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I also like Lauren Hill's new record right now.

giddy_up_14_f asks: I love your home video, it's the best! Who's idea was it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was all of ours. We just wanted people to see what we do every day.

KellyluvsJstan asks: How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was 5 or 6 I was in first grade I think and it was recess. These girls were playing kiss tag and they pinned me and I got kissed. My first mouth kiss was called a soap opera kiss.

GemGirl602 asks: What is your favorite song to perform in concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: For the Girl who has Everything. Musically, it has everything and the build is climatic.

PoshGirlBSB asks: How do you feel about having two albums on the top 10 bilboard chart and is it a lot of pressure for you to handle the competition since there are a lot of great buy groups out there? And how do you compare them with you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're more than happy with our two albums. We never concern ourselves with other people. We just do out own thing. The only pressure is what we do ourselves.

sweet_babe_for_you asks: How long have you guys been together in a group singing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've been a group for about 3 and a half years.

Rossyboy99 asks: When will the video from the Christmas album be released?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The video is done. It will be released after Thanksgiving, around X-mas time.

mnegao asks: First of all we love your music! Thank you! Who's idea was it to use the flame? Why the flame, does it have a special meaning?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually the flame was a graphic designer's idea. The star is an apostraphe. In the UK we met Uri Geller. He's a psychic. He told us to use a star on the record and it will be a smash. Sure enough we used the star and it sold really well. It's weird but it's true. The single blew up like mad.

punkin_boo2 asks: Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Ren and Stimpy. Now South Park. When I was younger I liked the Thundercats and Superfriends.

Chaos_2001 asks: JC, what is your favorite thing about the fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: They feel personable to us. Some of them get emotionable, but a lot of them are comfortable around us. I like the fact that they don't mind communicating with us.

Betty_N_Veronica asks: How did you guys all meet and decide to become a group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've been friends for a long time. We were all working at theme parks in FL. We all joined up and henceforth 'N Sync. That was on the MMC.

NYCrew2 asks: Justin, How did it feel touring with Janet Jackson, considering her poster was on your wall a couple of years ago?
Yahoo_NSYNC: One of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I'm a big fan so it was great to be around her atmosphere every day.

U_NC23 asks: If you got abducted by aliens and could only keep one memory, what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't think I would care. I'd just want out of the spaceship.

Jenner1734 asks: Do you guys ever date? I mean I know you guys have such a busy schedule!
Yahoo_NSYNC: We date. We're human beings. We go out and have friends to see. As far as buckling down, it's too hard to see them. I see my friends back home about 2 or 3 times a year.

Justin_N_Sync_lover asks: Is there any certain thing you do right before you go onstage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We always hackey sack. We play and hug each other.

Joeugirl15 asks: What is the wierdest thing a fan has done to meet you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've seen just about it all. People have snuck in the luggage racks. People try to put themselves in our hotel rooms. We've seen a lot.

ped_oncology asks: When are you guys coming out with your new album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow. We just released the X-mas album 2 weeks ago. Our last album was in March and it didn't pick up till late summer. It will be awhile. We'll start recording in Feb.

CRAZY4JRT asks: What float are you going to be on in the Macy's Day Parade?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We'll be on the M & M float.

Jessi_blueeyes asks: What do you love most about your job?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I love the satisfaction of reaching out to people. Whether it be my personal feelings in a song, I like reaching out to people.

HomieDrEwY asks: JC . . . If you could switch places with anyone in the world for a day . . . who or what would you be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd want to be a woman. Just to see everything through their eyes. I take it back. I'd rather be an infant with a grown up's brain. I'd like to watch people go ode bodie all day.

BROK_Lover_98 asks: Who would you guys like to sing with in the future?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A lot of people . . . Janet Jackson would be an honor. Maybe Blackstreet. We're very diverse, so it could be anybody.

UofNatLincoln asks: What's your idea of the perfect day?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A day of sleep.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you very much.

jaydiggity asks: Do you guys have any pets?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We might be getting a dog for this tour. We're not sure. We don't want to keep a dog on the bus. Lance has a dog at hom, but it's his sister's.

shannier asks: Any chance we will be hearing more of your own songs soon?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. The x-mas single is by Justin and I. And the next album we're already working on stuff.

Sophie1998_98 asks: What was it like the first time you heard your song on the radio?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We threw a party in the van with our stuffed animals.

LuckyCharmer1 asks: Do you guys play practical jokes on each other, and what was the most crunk of all?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We do. There have been plenty. Toothpaste in the ear, shaving cream in our shoes. Somebody cut out pictures of our face over babies' bodies and stuck them to our speakers.

zSolarStar asks: The all-time question for ya JC :) What is your FAVORITE ice cream flavor?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mint Chocolate Chip Edy's and Haggen Daz.

Conny_Chica asks: What's your favorite attraction at Disney World?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the Tower of Terror. I like the new Animal Kingdom and I like the Foley sound show.

lovelyloveless003 asks: What's your idea of a perfect date?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Somewhere nice and quiet. Just so all attention would be just the two of us.

YellowStrawberry asks: i love the way you guys dance! Do You guys chereograph your own routines? (you looked great on EC in Toronto)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Some of it. We collaborate. Choreographers will make up stuff and we'll make up stuff together.

EmmaBunton_99 asks: Do you have any online services or email?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not yet. I'm working on it. I just got my computer.

justinchuan2 asks: What other interests besides music do you have?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I sleep. Movies a lot. To be entertained for a little while. I like doing anything as long as it's with my friends.

NickyNick_28 asks: Who is the craziest in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris.

tekee_01 asks: JC, what is it like to be on the Mickey Mouse Club?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was actually one of the greatest experiences of my life. I've been lucky.

paralady_88 asks: If you were trapped on a boat with man eating sharks swimming around, who would you throw over to save everyone else?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris because he'd beat him up.

PooFoo_98 asks: If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Focused. Because, I'm always gonna have my attention on what I'm doing.

Poison__Ivy12 asks: If you had to pick a super power, what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Invisible. Then I could hear all the good gossip. Let me be a fly on the wall.

JRTkissedme asks: What is your favorite song of all time?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Depends on my mood. Fragile by Sting. There are so many.

roach1_4 asks: Do you think that some day you guys wil branch off into other entertainment fields?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're doing it together. Maybe Sabrina the Teenage Witch. People are calling us to do a movie. We want to actually act in a movie.

DZ_MT asks: How long have you been playing the piano for and how did you learn to play it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Self taught. I never really learned at one time. I just picked things up.

Giggles_Jr asks: Is it true that you sleep with all the stuffed animals you get?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a misconception. I use them for pillows a lot. They're very soft. Sometimes they're better than bus pillows.

ShaiCRICKET asks: What would you say is your most endearing quality?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My sincerity.

AnloShok21 asks: Do you have a favorite place or venue to perform in?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're still checking them all out. I'd say Radio City Music Hall. We might be there again.

nicksfavegirl_98 asks: Do you guys hang out with the BSB? And if you do, what kinda stuff do you guys do with them?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We don't hang out regularly, but we do see them.

Bouncy_10 asks: JC, WHO IS THE GRUMPIEST IN THE MORNING??????????
Yahoo_NSYNC: Justin

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Yes he is!

Jodie_KC asks: Do you get any privacy at all after becoming so popular?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually, when we go home. We get a little bit, but not much.

Justin_can_I_be_yours asks: What do you guys do when you're really bored on the bus?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have sugar parties. Candy parties. We have parades. We take out the video camera. You'll see some of that in the Mix video. We get loony after a while.

da_brat1685 asks: What kind of advise would you give to someone who wants to start their own band?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Make sure you get along with everybody. Having the right chemistry is the most important thing.

kawhitby asks: Do you guys hang out when you're not working?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. Isn't that sad. We're friends on and off stage.

B96NsYnC asks: What's your favorite place you've been to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: South Africa.

justinnigel asks: Do any of your family travel with you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My brother comes with me sometimes. He's meeting me in Richmond. All our families are meeting us for Thanksgiving in NYC.

homiepookie asks: JC, when are you guys taking a break? . . . We don't want to wear you guys out . . .
Yahoo_NSYNC: Don't worry about us being worn out. In Feb. we'll be at home and we'll have 4 days off for X-mas. And thank you for your concern.

Curlzluva asks: Every girl in these chats wants to know BOXERS OR BRIEFS??? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually boxer-briefs. The sports shorts.

froggie_nm asks: What is your pet peeve?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know. I'll think of one in ten minutes.

StarLD2 asks: You guys were great in Rock and Jock. Did you guys enjoy it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was a blast. We hung out with a bunch of artists and met a bunch of basketball stars.

Lyssa14_98 asks: Are you JC really engaged to Alyssa Milano??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I've never even met Alyssa Milano.

ExcelDuo asks: How long have you been dancing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Since I was like 13.

_Shannel asks: Which SPICE GIRL would you match best with?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, I have no idea. They're all pretty wild. Baby or Sporty because they're not married.

super_model_21 asks: How do you keep in shape?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The shows pretty much. Rehersals and shows keep us in shape.

Nikki_Paulo asks: Do you guys really see people in the way back of the concert and how could I make sure you guys saw me?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes we do because there's a part where we turn all the lights on. A couple of times we'll do that. If you have a sign we'll see you.

vanilla_creem asks: What do you want for Christmas?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just want to be home with my family.

sportnike asks: I absolutely loved your Disney special and I was wondering if you were going to do any more TV specials?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We did a Disney X-mas special. We're doing a Kathy Lee special. We're doing a ton of stuff before X-mas. I say it's my keyboard and my guitar because they're mine, it's the only thing in the world I own anymore.

wantsJC asks: Who's idea was it to have waterguns during the concerts?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't remember. I just remember we all wanted to do something with the crowd.

Kate_cool_98 asks: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I didn't really. It just kinda happened.

JCW82 asks: Who wrote the song "God Must Have Spent a Little more Time on You" and who is it based on?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The song was written by Stirken and Rodgers. They're two guys from NY. The minute we read the lyrics we knew it could relate to anyone. It has such a universal meaning. It's not just a love song.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: Do you feel overwhelmed by the reaction of your girl fans? And how do you cope?!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Jeez. You don't really have to cope. It's fun. They're just having fun like we are.

funkylittledude asks: I saw your new video on total request yesterday and it was da bomb!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you.

beccadeeds asks: What is the most exciting concert you have ever done?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's impossible. I will say this. The biggest crowd we played in front of was on the Janet Jackson tour. It wasn't for us but that was Chicago. Dallas was also great.

Soccr_GirL asks: What is your favorite flavor jello?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just about anything red.

JCchasez22 asks: JC . . . what was your favorite toy?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Nintendo 64 for a while. Then I got back into a Rubic's cube. I also carry a yo yo in my backpack.

LiL_SwEETie_PiE1 asks: Who is your favorite Disney character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Pluto. Because he's real. He was a dog and he barked.

Lis237 asks: Do you plan to go to college?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah.

babybluenailpolish asks: What do you guys bring on tour to keep from getting homesick?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We bring our cell phones and run up bills to our parents.

LHSCO00 asks: Do you like going to the photo shoots?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. Especially when they have a stylist there. You get to try new clothes and styles.

DixieChicks97 asks: I hear you are a fan of the Star Wars movies. Are you planning on going to see the new one this spring? And are you into any other sci fi's?
Yahoo_NSYNC: But of course. I want see the new Trek movie and I'm not a fan.

Tavia101 asks: What movies do you have on the tour bus?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Austin Powers. In Europe we watch Spinal Tap a lot. The Godfather movies.

sportysporty3 asks: What is the funnest part about doing concerts?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To look at the people's faces when they're having a good time. It's awesome. That's a party town if I've ever seen one.

Sophie1998_98 asks: What's your favorite thing to eat while on the road?
Yahoo_NSYNC: McDonalds. I like going to NY and getting cookies from Joey's uncle. We destroy those things.

kingsraven asks: Who's your favorite Star Wars character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was a big Han Solo fan because he wasn't a goody too shoes. He was a good guy but a little rough around the edges.

lavaflow27 asks: JC you have a great voice and I was wondering who told you for the first time that you should sing professionally?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, nobody ever told me except for when I auditioned. I was dared before that by my best friend K.C. but that was just to embarass me.

Honey_112 asks: Are you all surprised by the amount of fans you all have here in the US?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. We're ecstatic. You can't predict how it's gonna happen.

jaye_t asks: No question, just congratulations on your success. You guys are so talented and at the same time humble. God Bless.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you very much and God bless you too.

sweet_babe_for_you asks: Do you guys shop a lot?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No we don't get a lot of time to go shopping. But when we do, we do. In LA it's Melrose.

hanson_rocksmyworld asks: What's your favorite holiday and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Christmas because it's a family holiday. I think X-mas affects a lot of people and just puts them in a good mood.

C_Berman asks: JC I notice you ALWAYS wear the same necklace. What does it mean to you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a lion. I'm a Leo. It's good luck.

kembsb asks: What is the funniest sign anyone has held up for you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I can't say that one. Oops! That's ice cream. I'd be willing to go pretty far.

_butterfly37_ asks: What's your biggest dream in life now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To be a part of a song that could live on to be a classic.

Crazy_Sync_Sista_Gina asks: Who's the messiest in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We all have our moments.

luvin_jc2 asks: JC what is your favorite part of your show? What do you like most about your live performances?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Besides squirting the audience? I like the inro because it's a Star Wars themed intro.

Absolut_Kelly asks: Do you ever get nervous before a concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I get butterflies before every show. The first show is the most nerve racking. You're always thinking am I gonna do it right tonight. And you hope you don't mess up.

trixiefire asks: What did you wanna be when you were a kid thinking about your future?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Either an engineer or a carpenter. I wanted to work with my hands.

Jiffer2276 asks: What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Something in the entertainment field.

KittyCat_456 asks: Is there anyone who helped you to get to the point you're at now, anyone in particular you dedicate your success to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A lot of people. My parents first. My parents.

ToOsWeEeEt_13f asks: Who is your favorite movie/tv star?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Harrison Ford fan. Lately, George Clooney's work. He does tv and movies so there.

jessica1429 asks: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No comment.

Coca_Cola_Chica_1 asks: Do you do anything before a show for good luck?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We always kick the hackey around till we get a good hackey.

Jemmie160 asks: What do you look for in a girl?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a girl who maintains herself but isn't arrogant. I like a girl who is understanding and makes me laugh.

Yahoo_NSYNC: I just wanna thank everybody for coming and I hope I answered some good questions. We'll se ya soon and give a holler.!