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$150 million lawsuit against *N Sync and their new label Jive, here are a few news articles I've found about it (the first 2 articles are about the lawsuit, the following articles are about their record label change.

Chris cut his hair and no longer has dreadlocks. See some pics.

Some of the songs that will be included on "No Strings Attached":
  • Good for You - written by Justin Timberlake
  • That's When I'll Stop Lovin' You - written by Diane Warren
  • One in This World - written by Diane Warren
  • Are You Gonna Be - written by Diane Warren
  • Love is Just a Game - written by JC Chasez
  • Digital Getdown

  • For more info on the record label switch I've found a few news articles

    Apparently the release of *N SYNC's home video has been changed to better coincide with the release of their album. Visit for more details. Also the release date of "No Strings Attached" has been delayed too (possibly till January 2000). Check back for more information. Yes it's true, *N Sync's new record label is Jive.

    -*N Sync's New Album-
    For those of you who haven't heard yet, *N Sync's new album entitled "No Strings Attached" is set to release November 16th. The group is also releasing a home video including studio footage of their new album being recorded and other behind the scenes footage. This video is set to be released September 28th. *N Sync's first single off their new album is titled "Music of My Heart" and will be released August 3rd. The song is performed with guest Gloria Estefan and featured on the soundtrack of the movie with the same title. The world premiere for this music video is August 11th on MTV.

    *N Sync's debut album (released 3.24.98) went 7 times platinum on 6.21.99, great job guys!