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other links coming soon... only official ones so far... I realize there are many links here not related to 'N Sync, but there's basically nowhere else I have any personal-type stuff, so I felt this would be one way to get it out, haha.

Official Links

Official 'N Sync Website ~ The official american one.

Official German 'N Sync Website ~ Their german one, like the american one, only most of the info applies to those of you who are german fans.

Peeps 'N Sync ~ I guess this one counts as an official site, thought the peeps site isn't only nsync, this part of it is.

Sister Sites

*N Sync Island

Misc. 'N Sync Links

See this big empty space... wish your link was here? Why not email me?

Fun Links

Some links unrelated to 'N Sync, my friends' pages and such...

Jill's Place

Poetry As I Like It

Star Wars ~ (as if you needed to see Star Wars more, haha)

The Matrix

Newsboys ~ a very well designed site (assuming your speaker volume is up and you have Flash) all about one of my all time favorite Christian bands whom I will be seeing Sept. 24th.

Audio Adrenaline ~ another very cool Christian band whom I saw perform and had the priviledge of meeting in May at Knott's Berry Farm on their Hallelujah Jubilee night. Check out this Audio Adrenaline game (make sure your sound's up) and if anyone beats it please email me cuz I haven't yet and I really wanna know what happens at the end!

DC Talk

How's Kelly ~ a little band from here in cali whom i also met (and kinda hung out with) that is best known for playing at Hume Lake Christian Camps.

Everybody Duck ~ yet another little band from here I've seen and met.

Slushball Derkins

If anyone went to or is going to any of the concerts mentioned above, or if anyone has heard of any of those last 3 bands I mentioned, please email me, I'd love to hear from you!

The Hamster Dance

Jesus Loves You