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Postcards/Photo Album
~108 4" X 6" numbered postcard size pictures, comes w/ photo album~

Hanging Pass/Laminate

Tour Book
~11" x 14" 24 pgs~

Wallpaper for your Desktop
~pick the one that is the size of your desktop, these are free and for windows users~
(if you don't already have a program to decompress these, get WinZip for free)

Animated Screensaver
~for windows~
looks kinda like the pic above (for the wallpaper) only it's animated
(if you don't already have a program to decompress this, get WinZip for free)

Desktop Themes
Size ~ 758 KB
5 Themes with Music Clips

Size ~ 492 KB
11 images Can be used on Win 95/Win 98/NT
Free (from http server)
Free (from ftp server)

Baseball Cap

Die Cut Magnet
~I have this one (but I'm not sure if it's the same cuz I didn't buy mine from here), and just so y'all know, it's a "chunky" magnet. That's in their words... It's hard and maybe half an inch or so thick. I think it's pretty cool actually.~

Die Cut Magnet

'99 Calendar
~16 month~