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I only have a few right wav's right now, but there'll be more (vid's and stuff too) soon!

Song Clips

IWYB Acapella ~ The guys singing I Want You Back acapella!

Children Need a Helping Hand ~ The song they did for charity.

Some Dreams ~ A lil' clip of the song only found on their 6th german single "Together Again." It says Some Dreams on the outside of the cd and Sun Dreams on the inside... go figure.

UDMC ~ Lemme guess. Is it a clip of U Drive Me Crazy? Nah...

UDMC Rap ~ This is of course a lil' clip of the rap part of U Drive Me Crazy.

More Than a Feeling ~ An acapella song off their german debut.

Together Again ~ Another song off their german debut

Best of My Life ~ Yet another song off their german debut.

Riddle ~ Yup, this one's off that album too!


Poofoo ~ The guys trying to get Lance to do his Poofoo impression. That's the dalmation he used to dress up as to read kids stories, or something like that.

El Nina ~ Chris professing the arrival of el nina.

Open House Party ~ JC happy to be on the radio....

Justin TUMH ~ Justin announcing Tearin' Up My Heart being next on the radio.

Album ~ JC talking about the "upcoming album" (obviously already out).

Titanic ~ Justin playing Leo and Chris playing Kate, lol.


Greetings ~ *NSYNC telling y'all to have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays ~ Obviously their single off their Christmas album, the one they helped write!


Mickey ~ JC and Justin doing that m-i-c-k-e-y.... thang.

Roll Call ~ Them saying their names for roll call.

I Saw Her First ~ JC sings a verse of this.

Love Me Again ~ Love me again like you loved me before... (JC).

Cry For Me ~ Yet another clip of a MMC song.

Liquid Music

GMHS Remix ~ This is a clip of the remix off their new enhanced cd, available in stores starting Feb 9th.

Sailing Live ~ This is off that same cd; a live version of Sailing.

BTW, you need a Liquid Music player in order to hear the above clips.


KIIS FM ~ This is an interview from Jan. when *NSYNC was here in California!

KIIS FM ~ This is another interview from KIIS FM, but it's an older one. But here it is, just in case you haven't already heard it. (They're playing a "game" against a listener)

You need Realplayer for the interviews above.