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~the items listed as sale may or may not be the price I listed (because they may have gone off sale since the last time this page was updated), so there are links to two different companies on those~

We're 'N Sync
Germany Import
released ~ 1.13.97
livetracks/interviews/making of
(type We're 'N Sync in the search box, making sure it's set to title not artist)
For your information this video is in a format not supported by standard American VCR's. The company will be happy to convert the video so it can be played in these VCR's for a charge of $15. Be sure to mention whether you would like them to convert it for you when you order from the company.

'N the Mix
American release (75 min.)
released ~ 11.10.98
music videos/interview/some concert footage
Sale ~ $14.61

Never Enough
~This video is available from a variety of different places, however I did not place a link for it because it's not worth buying. I do not recommend it at all. It hardly even shows 'N Sync, it focuses more on what the fans think of the guys and why they like them, rather than focusing on the guys themselves. I suggest you save your money and buy something else instead of this video.~


~to see the track listing of each cd, see discography~

England Import
release date ~ 1.1.00
this cd hasn't been released yet, but you can pre-order it now
Sale ~ $8.99

Thinking of You
Germany Import
release date ~ 3.2.99
5 versions of Thinking of You
another place has it for $11.69, but it's out of stock so it takes longer to arrive

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You
Limited Edition/Enhanced (GMHS music video/"interview" video)
released ~ 2.9.99
includes the gmhs remix and sailing live (from their Disney special)
(type n sync in the search box)

Together Again
German Import
released ~ 11.8.98
enhanced cd
Sale ~ $9.89

U Drive Me Crazy
German Import
released ~ 12.1.98
4 versions of U Drive Me Crazy
Sale ~ $8.99

Winter Album
German Import
released ~ 11.17.98
includes U Drive Me Crazy
Sale ~ $14.05

I Want You Back
Australian Import
released ~ 2.25.98
5 versions of I Want You Back
Sale ~ $8.99