Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Justin ~ 3.18.99

Yahoomc: alright gang, here we go -- welcome justin timberlake to Yahoo! Chat
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hi what's up? I'm here! Ask me what you want to know :)

djones155 asks: Justin, when will be see the new video of "Thinking of You" -- that's ALWAYS been my fav!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Soon.. hopefully sometime soon.. We just shot it and we're still getting it edited. The song is actually called "I Drive Myself Crazy"

Katopia17 asks: Hey Justin!!! You have the BEST clothes...whats your favorite store to shop in?? Katie 18/f/florida
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm Abercrombie & Fitch -- I like athletic shops like Champs, Foot Locker, Foot Action -- I like to buy sneakers

NSyncChris07 asks: Hey Joey said yesterday you had a day off and were in NY...did you go to the ST. Patties parade??
Yahoo_NSYNC: No I did not. I'm sorry.. I slept all day

skibaby_99 asks: justin have u ever fallen out of the bunk while the bus was moving
Yahoo_NSYNC: No I haven't. I think Chris has

LaFiNJmE asks: Hey Justin! I was watching some old videos I have from interviews in Germany, (I was cracking ^ the whole time--they're sooo funny!!) and I was you remember how to say anything special in German?! Thanx!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: I know how to say Ich Liebe Dish which means, I love you

jrandall131 asks: I love your music!! Which color neon/glow in the dark costume do you wear in the very beginning of your concert (since we can't see your faces)?? Marie, ME
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm never telling! You have to figure it out

timberlake143 asks: At the end of the tour, how do you decide who gets to keep the dog you adopted?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know... I think Lance has to keep it...

AmyBecca21 asks: Why do you stick your tongue out so much?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.. it just has a mind of its own :P

Da_Magic_Believer asks: Do you think you'll ever make it into the NBA?
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL I seriously doubt it

justin_t_girl asks: What was the sweetest thing you have ever done for a girl?
Yahoo_NSYNC: One time I cooked a girl dinner...
ChatYahoo_Lisa: what did you cook?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Fettuccini Alfredo with crab meat... it was really good. I did a good job.

chris_1_girl asks: Who does the rapping in "U drive Me Crazy"?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Tony Catore.. the producer. He also produced Here We Go

Autumn_724 asks: Is it true you once fainted on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No.

amg_jt asks: Do you love to tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. I love touring because it gives everybody a chance to see you doing what you love to do and it gives them a chance to relate the songs to faces and gives them a chance to see the show!

popple_81 asks: what group would you like to go on tour with?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mmmm.. we went on tour with Janet Jackson. That was fulfilling for me.

raz_girl asks: Are you tired of people asking you if your dating Britany Spears?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It is getting kind of repetitive.. but it's not a problem. If anybody wants to know I'll be happy to tell them. I'm single.

sleepy_crunk asks: What's one common misconception about you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know... Well that one makes me laugh..

three_turtles asks: Did you keep all the little soap you found in all the hotels you went to? 
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL No. I don't. Why would you keep that? :)

uh_gal asks: now that jordan retired, who's your favorite NBA player?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Penny Hardaway

CraZzZzy12 asks: Did your parents ever doubt u about ur dreams? -Andrea
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. My parents have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do

LisaK_Nsync_Lover asks: Are you writing any songs for the new album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. We're working on that right now. It's kind of hard doing it while the tour is going on, but we're trying

nikki_m1586 asks: Why did u get involved with the Mickey Mouse club?
Yahoo_NSYNC: 'Cause, I don't know -- it looked like a fun thing to do and it most definitely was

pam327 asks: Hi!! First I wanna thank you for your music!! (I am listen to your cd now) I Know you love cereal can you tell me which is your favorite time because I love cereal. And what is your lucky number?? Thanks Huni!!! Love Ya!! Pam!! MWAH!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: My new favorite is Oreo O's... my lucky number.. I don't know if I have one... but I'll make it 18 b/c I just turned 18

Chasezchic27 asks: How's the Benz? Does anyone "borrow" it while on the road?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's fine and it's in good hands. My mom takes care of it for me

CraZzy4CurlZz asks: what do you think is your beat feature besides a great voice?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you :) I'd say my hands.

willow029 asks: You guys are quickly gaining popularity in Australia and New Zealand. Any chance you'll be heading down under this year?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, I think so . We're trying to make it out there. There's just so much of the world to cover. We're trying to make it every place, including Australia

Babieslove asks: How much can you lift when you work out
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's hard to tell these days I haven't worked out in a gym in a long time.. I don't know I can't remember

CurlysGirl4ever asks: Are you happy now that youre old enough to go clubbing? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sure. I've been to a couple clubs since I turned 18, but it's no big deal though, I used to get in when I was underage

Born2Dance2 asks: If someone were to play you in a movie, who would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well since everybody keeps telling me I look like Ryan Phillippe, I'd get him.. Since everyone tells me we look like twins

TABITHA1M asks: Hi Justin this is Tabitha. I went to your concert on the 11th and it was awesome. How do you pick what songs you perform?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a collaboration of us and management and we pretty much just try to figure out the most entertaining things we can. Stuff that we like to perform

Fubugirls23 asks: Don't you wish you could bring your family on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. I wish I could take all my family on tour. I miss my brothers a whole lot and my mom and my dad

Babidoll72 asks: hey, wuz up? i was wonderin whats the best pick-up line you've ever used on a girl? did it work?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't use pick up lines. I'm never in situations where I have to use pick up lines. I never try to pick girls up at clubs and such... I'm lyin' :P

glohin asks: when was your first kiss
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think I was in 6th grade... and my girlfriend at the time. I was nervous. I was very nervous

RissaRenee asks: Hey Justin! I was curious, are you picky about girls? (Age, weight, etc..)
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm picky about girls not in age or weight, but in other aspects... Serious things like what they're into and how they respond to me... things like that.. things that matter...

ANH1983 asks: When you have kids what would you name them?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have no idea. That's not even in my mind right now

baybieblue5 asks: Hey Justin! I went to your concert on the 15, it was sssssooooo cool, I was wondering what song is the most fun to preform, and what song is the most difficult to preform?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like to perform the Jackson's medley on stage. It's fun to dance to. The most difficult... I don't know, I can't think of anything that's difficult.. it's all fun to perform

SluGaBug00 asks: What are your biggest pet peeves about the other guys individually?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Joey's .. oh God... Joey is dirty.. in more ways than one. Chris is really hyper.. but it's not really a pet peeve I think he's funny when he gets hyper.. JC is quite serious and one of my pet peeves he always does is come into a conversation in the middle and asks a question that was asked like 5 minutes ago.. He does that every time!
Yahoo_NSYNC: And Lance.. when we try to get our hacky when we're going on stage, Lance is a little too serious about it :) But seriously, I love the guys and they don't get on my nerves. We have a lot of fun together

hawaiian_sweetiepie asks: Aloha, are you keeping up with the Basketball Tourney, and who do are your final four picks?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm trying to keep up with the NCAA.. I don't get to watch much tv. But my team UNC lost in the first round, so I'm thinking about boycotting

BaDaSsMoFo11 asks: Do ya'll do anything a cappella in the concert??
Yahoo_NSYNC: We do just a little a cappella in the concert. A lot of the stuff we're doing.. we want to do something different on every tour.. we venture into different aspects in the show

mSc_667 asks: what is your fav tv show?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Friends. It used to be Fresh Prince of Bel Air.. but...

eeyore623 asks: Do you ever wish you were just a normal teenager?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I dont think I was made to be normal. I think everybody has a destiny and I think this is mine
Yahoomc: You can find a special chat room for "under 12" 'nsync fans at

chick_159_99 asks: whats it like to be famous?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's funny that people actually ask me for autographs. The main thing I want our fans to think about is that we are normal just like them... we like to do things just like them.. we like to go to the movies just like them. I find it funny that they get into us as much as they do but I also find it flattering that they would take the time out to get into our music

Kiki_6973 asks: Since you like Friends, do you think Rachel and Ross should be togather?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think they look cute together. They're my two favorite so I'd have to say yes

Blu_iz1986 asks: you think that you get more attetion than the other guyz since you are the youngest??
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. We dont pay attention to stuff like that "who gets the most attention". We have a nice group vibe so...

n_sync_luver15 asks: What was the last moive you saw? Was it any good?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I can't even remember the last movie I saw.. I just watched 6 days, 7 nights on video.. It was pretty good. I thought it was cute. I want to see Cruel Intentions though

TwoTears15 asks: Justin, I'm almost 16, never had a bf or been kissed, cuz I'm waiting for a special guy. What I'm askin is, will you be my first kiss? *smiles*
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well, I would advise you that whoever you make your first kiss whether its me or anyone else you should get to know them first... but who knows? Maybe I'll meet you one day... And who knows? :)

BaByBLuE_iS_a_CuTiE asks: What do you order at McDOnalds?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't like McDonald's I like Wendy's.. I like the Monterey Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's .. but if I have to go to McDonald's when everyone else wants to, I'll get a Quarter Pounder

SweetLady_4114 asks: How did you like MTV's Spring Break?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was much fun.. had a good time in cancun

ARO96 asks: Do you believe in gaurdian angels?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I believe in angels, yes.

Nicole218 asks: have you ever tried snowboarding? we love you guys and we'll see ya in april! nicole, 19, co
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you. I hope you enjoy the show in April.. But no, I haven't tried snowboarding but I'll try next time

Malanda48 asks: If you could jump into a pool with any kind of Jell-O in it. What kind of Jell-O would you choose?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Nice question... :) When I think of jumping into a pool of jello... I dont know ... maybe blue jello... what is that blue raspberry?

A_pretty_fly_4_a_blond_Jeff asks: I heard you and The Backstreet boys had a baske-ball game.If this is true who won??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Us and BSB hosted a charity basketball game, but it wasn't just us there were several different acts.. but we mixed up the players on the teams so there wasn't a winner like that

CrUnK24 asks: Were you a strait A student?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, I was.

Elana128 asks: Are there any guest appearances on your next album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We dont know yet.. you'll just have to wait and see!

NatashaDM asks: How do you answer your fan mail?
Yahoo_NSYNC: There's lots of ways... whenever we get a chance we get on and look at our fan mail but there's very little chance to do that. We keep in touch with our fans.. we do meet and greets at every show.. and do autograph signings

litishaangel asks: I saw you on Clueless and you were lookin mighty fine!!! I wanted 2 know if you would ever date someone with a different race?-Aubrey and Litisha
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course.. Who's a different race?

sothrnchic asks: Do you ever argue with the other guys about where you are going to eat?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, we argue over silly things.. but we respect each other so we just hold a democracy.. whoever votes the most wins...

Yahoo_NSYNC: All the stupid things I've done.. like trying to be a grownup before it was time for me to...

nsync_gurlz asks: Hi Justin, do you ever get tired of touring and ever want to just say forget it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. Touring is one of the funnest parts about being in this group

Yahoo_NSYNC: I dont get tired of singing the same songs b/c the songs we sing everyone seems to want to hear them at the shows. Ask me that question 5 years from now.

kate8245 asks: What is your favorite song on the album? What do most like to perform in concert??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Both of those are God Must Have Spent A little more time on you. Actually it relates to me... I'm a very spiritual person and I think it's the perfect way to tell somebody what they mean to you.. if you're really into them

cecey02 asks: what is the scariest thing you have ever experienced? what is your greatest fear? xoxo kisses and hugs?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I get scared going into the Ocean now... and I'm scared of snakes too. After I saw Jaws, I was like "What's the point?" I think it's the three S's.. spiders, snakes and sharks. When I go to SeaWorld I don't get into seeing the sharks.. it's not exciting to me... my greatest fear... good question.. I don't know...

jcnick98 says: Don't worry Justin I am afraid of snakes too.

MG15F asks: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you? MSB
Yahoo_NSYNC: Music. Music. and Janet Jackson. That's optional.. it can change to Halle Berry and others..

hawaiispice asks: Do you buy your friends and family any gifts from where you tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes I do. I just this last Christmas I got my mom a bracelet from NY.. She love it.. It's a diamond princess cut in white gold.. I'm in Philadelphia tonight... I got a present for myself today. On my way to the venue I went to Pat's Cheesesteaks and got the best cheesesteak in the world.. I love food.. that's the way to my heart

hiccups86 asks: Has someone ever fanited when they met you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think so. .. I'm trying to remember.. I can't remember a particular instance... we've had girls faint at the shows

Annie13139 asks: Is any of 'N Sync planning on a solo career any time soon?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. NSYNC is NSYNC... and if any of the others did anything on the side.. it would be extracurricular

timberlakelover_4ever asks: do you ever get time to visit your own website?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, I've been there a couple of times... There's a couple of pictures.. old pictures I'd probably take off there 

NTCHWNSYNC asks: Hi justin:.. has anything strange happened to you on this tour yet??
Yahoo_NSYNC: My mike's cut off already in the middle of the show

BabyCrazy19 asks: When you first got your tattoo weren't you too young?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No comment. :)

etoile83 asks: How do you deal with the fact that you have no privacy and girls stalk you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Keep your business to yourself, I guess. I dont really have anything to hide.. so...

nsyncluvr84 asks: Hey justin I want to say I LOVE U and was wondering what it is like to work wit B*witched since they r from Ireland??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh yeah, it's a great thing ::in nice Irish Brogue:: You can imagine them on St. Patrick's Day. They're sweet girls.. Tatiana's pretty sweet too. Every opening act we've had has been a joy to work with

Autumn_724 asks: Of all the celebrities you've ever met, who has been your favorite?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I enjoyed meeting Janet Jackson and meeting Will Smith. They're very down to earth

Symphonique20 asks: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Always try to do your best and never give up no matter what happens... from my mom

Aurora_05 asks: do you have any superstitions?-love lisa from mi
Yahoo_NSYNC: Superstitions... Hmm.... We never go on stage until we finish a hackey. That's a must.. since the first show we've done on tour

justin_t_girl asks: Do you think that after all this success you have managed to staygrounded?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course, we have each other to stay grounded

music_fan_4ever asks: Hey Justin! What is it like to be 18 (like me!) and be so popular all over the world? Do you ever feel like you have the world by the tail? LOL - Ashley in MT!
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think our awareness factor has been shot thru the roof lately. But I wouldn't say have the world by the tail... We're just out there a lot more lately

NluvW_LANCE asks: Who gets picked on the most and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think .. Joey gets picked on the most.. because he's the goofiest. We pick on him all the time.. it doesn't matter.. whatever he's doing

JRTLUVu asks: Justin do you really kiss a girl in your new video " I DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY",, I think thats soo cute!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, I don't.

etoile83 asks: What books do you have on the bus with you??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have this book that I just picked up it's called "If Life is a Game These are the Rules".. it's a chapter a day and a lesson in life.. I like books like that .. that have me ask if I'm doing the right thing for myself

Casabby asks: What was the last CD you have listened to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I got TLC's Fan Mail. It's very good -- By the way, ShannonH, I hope that you feel better! Get well soon!

Basketball_JRT asks: Would you ever let a fan come on stage and sing with you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sure why not?

angel_love_eternally asks: Do any of the guys, other than Lance, have outside business ventures?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We all have our own businesses, we're working on setting them up right now.. I'm working on my business.. I want to set up my own production company and work to set up new artists

kaymarie13 asks: Is it hard to be the youngest?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. We're all on the same level as far as we're concerned. We have fun togeher, we take care of each other

petey412 asks: Who is the best basketball player in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: ME!! Who do you think? Chris is second.. but no, no one's close to me

lydo2 asks: Justin, what are you wearing right now? Ly
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm wearing a baby blue fubu tshirt, baby blue kangol hat, some baggy jeans and white Nike basketball sneakers

Jay_Star_5 asks: Any pet peeves? -Jay
Yahoo_NSYNC: Dishonest people.. it's one of my biggest dislikes. And people who bite their nails

AmyBecca21 asks: What cartoon character best describes you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably Bugs Bunny, 'cause he likes basketball.. he likes Michael Jordan.. he's pretty witty. I'm pretty witty :)

Crunkladies asks: If you were a veggie what would you be and why? We would be brussel sprouts because then we wouldn't get eaten.Thanks We LOVE you!!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd be mashed potato... I dont' even know!

Casey_13084 asks: Let's say you were going to the store to buy some milk. The only parking place left is the handicapped place. Would you take it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I wouldn't take it. I'd park across the street or something

kara_anne_2000 asks: What is your least favorite chore to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I dont have a lot of chores anymore b/c I'm not at home

royal_dancer asks: What is your favorite work out excercise?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think .. people dont really realize how productive push ups are. You work out more than your chest.. I like a lot of work outs just as long as you keep it even. I think you should work out everything

Volleyball_Player03 asks: Do you like to play volleyball, and are you good at it? LOL:)
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like volleyball . It's fun.. I'm good at beach volleyball

MG15F asks: What is your second favorite sport besides basketball? MSB
Yahoo_NSYNC: Football.. to play, Soccer, but to watch, football

carebear14S asks: who do you think will be the one to get married first?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh man! I dont know. Definitely not Joey. It definitely won't be Joey. I dont know...

amber2929 asks: Justin, I heard you guys have a clothing line called "Fu ManSkeeto." Is this true and if so where can you bye them? Thanx! Amber,OH
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's Chris' clothing line.. soon... he's going to get a web site for it and you can purchase it there

nsyncmom56 asks: have you've ever met dolly parton
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I've never met Dolly Parton. I've never really thought about it.. Have youever met Dolly Parton and is she nice? Maybe I'll meet her sometime

Cheet02 asks: What's the most embarassing rumor that you've heard about yourself or NSYNC as a whole?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's so funny b/c we get rumors that I'm dating Daniele Fishel or Britney Spears.. or Tatiana Ali... but once we got this one that I was dating Lance! That was pretty funny!

BabyBlue__69 asks: do you like when a girl cooks?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. I love it when anybody cooks for me!

jennyrenee13 asks: Do you like baseball? If you do what's your favorite team?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Baseball is cool.. I'd probably like it more if I went to see a game, I don't like to watch it too much on tv b/c it's too slow for my scattered brain... I dont think I have a fav. team

Stace_20 asks: Did you guys write any of the songs that will be on your next album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're working on that right now... we're demoing a lot of songs so hopefully they'll go on the album... we want to see what everybody else has to offer

allthat115 asks: Did you guys get to do anything fun today in the city of brotherly love?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I went to Pat's! That was fun for me!< I was very excited

Casabby asks: What are your most common nicknames?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Curly, 'cause of my hair. What's in a nickname? :)

DolphinGurl123 asks: Hey Justin, I love you guy's music,How did you feel about the sailing stunt? and also could yah maybe hook me up with JC. heheh:P
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'll definitely tell JC that you want to get hooked up with him
Yahoo_NSYNC: And yes, I like to do the sailing stunt, it's a lot of fun

Casey_Becker17 asks: I share your love of music...What is your favorite part of what you do? Lizzy, 18, MA
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think the coolest thing about what we do is getting to touch so many people with our music and the positive look that people get from our music. It's a great feeling to be part of that

Sarahnsync1 asks: Justin, will you ever grow your hair back to it's natural color? Sarah 15
Yahoo_NSYNC: I thought about it.. it's just nothing but the freak in me. I just keep dying it.. I grow it out but I want to change it so fast. I'm thinking about dying it red.. I dyed it baby blue once. The things I do to my hair on the spur of the moment

justin_t_girl asks: Growing up did you always think that this is how it would be like to travel the world, singing in front of thousands of people and have all these girls in "love" with you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I dont think you can imagine something like that. It's been great the response we've gotten for doing the things we do. Thank you all for participating. We're happy to see your smiling faces at the shows. Thanks for all your support and we'll see you soon!

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